"As a GC in Denver two of the biggest challenges I face are coming up with cost effective solutions to structural challenges and availability of my engineers to make changes in the field when needed on short notice. Cody has been stellar in both areas. He works hard to come up with ways to solve problems that compliment my crews and my resources and is readily available for a quick field decision change when the unknown happens."

-- Tim Saul, SVK Enterprises, LLC


"When people are doing a remodel, they think about the end result, what it will look like on the outside. However, the nuts and bolts of your home are just as important, if not more than all the bells and whistles. When we hired Cody to help us eliminate a crawl space and create a new living space, we were confident he would generate ideas that would maximize the space, keep the integrity of our foundation all while being conscientious about cost. He went above and beyond for us and worked well with both our contractor and designer to deliver exactly what we had asked for and more. We feel confident our home will stand strong at least another 70 years or more."

-- Kristen Cooper, Denver, Montclair Homeowner


"It's always a great pleasure working with a Structural Engineer who is not only concerned with a Building’s Structural System but, who equally understands the importance of Architecture, Budget and the need for efficiency and communication during the construction sequence. Cody Bohall and Studio 8.18 Engineering has that rare ability."

-- Jon Hindlemann, Architect


"We have had the opportunity to work with Cody Bohall and Studio 8.18 over the past several years and have been very pleased with the work. We are a general contractor that specializes in historical renovations in the Denver area. The nature of our work is inherently challenging for any engineer. Cody has always surpassed our expectations while turning the work around quickly, and concisely all on a very fair and reasonable fee structure. We would happily recommend Studio 8.18 to any prospective client."

-- Doug Canady, President Canady Construction


"Eight years and thirty projects later, I call on Cody exclusively. He's genuine, honest, bright, and willing to take on new challenges. In the office and on site, Cody completes his work professionally and courteously.

-- Becky Alexis, Architect, HIVE Architecture


"We needed plans for an addition to our home. Cody delivered way above our expectations. He was fast, professional, reasonable and brought great ideas to the build. I would recommend him to anyone for any scope of work."

-- Fred Zietz, Homeowner


"Mr. Bohall has worked on a number of projects for me. Cody has been honest and forthright in his business dealings. He has been very flexible in working with me on projects where the scope is not large or glamorous. Best of all, he has produced designs and drawings that have been specific, cost-minded, and efficient. They have worked in the field which speaks volumes about his experience and abilities. I recommend him highly on any project requiring structural engineering services."

-- John B. Collins, Residential Architect


"As an architect, I rely up the skills of the structural engineer to work together as team throughout the project development to bring ideas and designs to the client in a well-developed set of drawings. But most importantly, I expect the engineer to integrate the structural components within the design, working hard to keep the beams, columns, and connections hidden from view, thereby allowing for clean and uncluttered finishes. Cody Bohall excels at this and is an exceptional design engineer."

-- Aaron Zimmer, Architect/President, ZYmR.co


"Pinnacle Properties & Construction Services, Inc. had the privilege of working with Studio 8.18 Engineering on nearly a dozen projects this past year. Studio 8.18 always provides us with a cost effective design in a timely manner. Cody is very responsive, and he is an easy guy to work with. Pinnacle would highly recommend Studio 8.18 Engineering to any Owner, Architect or Contractor in need of structural engineering services."

-- Wesley Fisbeck, Pinnacle Properties & Construction Services


"As a residential architect I consistently rely on Studio 8.18 as my "go to" engineer of choice. Having worked with Cody on a number of residential remodel and new home projects, I can attest that his excellent service, expertise and reasonable rates add value for every client."

-- Mark Fitzwilliam, Architect

"After working with Cody on a residential renovation project several years ago, Studio 8.18 has been my first choice for structural engineering services ever since. Cody and his staff consistently deliver accurate and detailed structural design solutions that make good sense with respect to the design, budget, and the constructability of the project. As an architect, I am always pleased to have Studio 8.18 on the project team."

-- Rob Jess, Architect - Jess Architecture


"As I expressed to Cody on the phone this morning, I can't thank you enough for getting the Lima drawings done so quickly; you really saved my proverbial behind! You guys are my new structural engineers! I'm so glad we were brought together, and look forward to a great partnership with you!"

– Jim Fraser AIA Olde Tyme Architecture